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Areas of Expertise

We bring projects to life.

At Retrix, we focus on all things 3D. Check out our expertise below.


Production printing

Printing large-scale productions and optimizing the process.


3D scanning of small objects

3D scanning of small products for accurate digital models with the finest details.


Development and design of products

Development and design of products to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


3D scanning of industrial components

3D scanning of industrial components for accurate digital representations, quality control, and reverse engineering.


Home design / Renders

Designing homes and interiors with realistic renders for visualization and presentation purposes.


2D renderings of products

Creating detailed 2D drawings and technical specifications of products for manufacturing and production processes.



Utilizing photogrammetry to generate three-dimensional models of objects by capturing and analyzing images.


Reproduction of parts.

Reproducing parts through 3D printing or other production techniques to create replacement or spare parts.


Optimization of designs for 3D printing.

Optimizing designs for the 3D printing process to enhance production efficiency and optimize print quality.


Home decor

A pilot project in which we applied our expertise in 3D software to realize the entire interior of a home in renders, 3D tours and videos .

In collaboration with:De makerlaarontzorge r & Lamberink Makelaars & Advisers

Bumper repair

Private repair of a camper bumper. This project was completed without the use of a 3D scanner and was made possible by the rapid iteration process that 3D printing offers.

3D scan of Porsche engine block

3D scanning on location. This engine block was part of a project. Check out the result.


Photogrammetry is a technique whereby a 3D object is reconstructed using photos, preserving accurate colors and surface details.

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