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Bambulab X1 Carbon 3D printing PLA Carbon fiber PoochPrint Dog Poopbag Holder

Welcome to Retrix

Empowering Innovations, Embracing Sustainability


Creating a future full of possibilities

Our focus is on breaking technological boundaries and providing solutions that significantly improve everyday life.

3D printer assembly

​What we offer



​Our focus is customisation. We believe in providing solutions that seamlessly match your unique needs and vision.


​Personal contact

Short, fast and clear contact. Everyone knows where things are and what the current state of affairs is. Clarity ensures quality.



​14 years combined experience in the Additive and Design sector. We are always learning so that we can take all the knowledge off your hands.



​Transparency is something we believe in. We believe that honesty and determining matters in advance always pays off.


​An eye for detail

​Every detail is an opportunity to make our products or services better. Whether this is improving a production process or a hook for a coat rack. We do everything we can to deliver you the highest quality.


The Future of 3D Printing

Imagine a future where creativity is seamlessly transformed into tangible reality. A world where 3D printing is not just a technology, but a transformative force that breaks boundaries and opens up possibilities.

In that future there is Retrix-PrintFlow, an innovative step forward in 3D printing. We won't reveal all the details, but we promise to revolutionise the way we think about printing. It is a system that promises to set the standard for efficiency and accessibility, especially for sectors such as education.

From classrooms to workspaces, Retrix-PrintFlow offers a vision for the most efficient and user-friendly 3D printing experience. It's designed to create a world where printing becomes intuitive, fast and effortless, without the technical hurdles we're used to.

The strength of this innovation lies not only in its printing functionality, but also in its ability to open doors to unprecedented possibilities for schools, companies and creative minds.

Latest Projects

3D inscannen van een auto, Einscan Pro 2X

Scan Nissan 300ZX interior


A 3D scan was made on location at the customer. This concerns a complete dashboard scan that will later be used for the design and 3D printing of race analysis equipment.

Porsche Engine


Sometimes you need reference, as in the automotive industry. With 3D scanning, we can digitally replicate a physical object. Adjustments, fitting/measuring, and repairs have never been so easy.

Binnen een dag hebben we voor deze demo ART Crawler een vervangend onderdeel geprint. Zo kon deze Art Crawler de volgende dag schijnen op de beursstand van MISTRAS Group.



SLA geprinte Volvo 480 dopjes deurpanelen

​Volvo 480 Door Clips


​A clip can be very small, sensitive and specific. In this case the clips are no longer made. Therefore a reproduction using SLA (resin) 3D printing.

3D Delta printer printing a fase vaas


Our focus areas

We bring expertise to the private and business markets. Our goal is to make 3D printing available to everyone.


3D Printing

3D printing is an ongoing innovation that can deliver major savings. Discover all the possibilities with us, from prototyping to full production.

Bambulab X1 Carbon printing Retrix Keychains 3D printen sleutelhangers


3D Scanning

​Colour, structure and shape are unique features of an object that we can accurately capture, whether it is an engine compartment or a painting. Everything is possible.

Retrix 3D scannen Einscan Pro 2X 3D scanning


CAD Design

​A digital 3D file or design is one of the most powerful tools for turning ideas into reality. Whether it concerns complex or simple projects, we are happy to help you.

3D CAD design, 3D ontwerpen


Are you curious about all the possibilities, do you have a question or do you just want to talk about 3D printing? Don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

Thank you for your message. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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