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At Retrix we believe that 3D printing can shape the future

We believe in the power of 3D printing for innovation, creativity and sustainability and strive to make these possibilities accessible to everyone.

The opportunities that 3D printing offers are unprecedented but require a right approach to use. At Retrix we started as hobbyists in 3D printing but have grown into experts in production for companies.

Through many orders, from small to large, across the entire spectrum of 3D printing services, we have recognised that change is needed.

We are going to be that change!

About Us

3D printed part


Thomas de Ridder

My passion is to give others a better day. Money is not my motivation, but the opportunity to have a positive impact on the people around me.

I greatly appreciate the confidence that others have in me and their help in achieving my goals.

Openness, honest and loving are core values that I cherish and never want to lose. Let us embrace these values together and remind each other of them.

"The vision is critical. Start with the small but articulate with the big story" - Tony Fadell

Thomas de Ridder portrait

Our vision of the future

Environment is an essential aspect that we cannot ignore. In a world where plastic pollution is a growing problem, we need to find ways to produce plastic more sustainably.

Although plastic is an integral part of our society and difficult to avoid, we believe that we can do our part through 3D Printing. By exploring innovative materials, improving recycling methods and producing more efficiently, we strive for a more sustainable approach to production.

At Retrix, we are comitted to use 3D printing technology as a means to develop environmentally friendly solutions. We not only want to deliver high quality products, but also have a positive impact on the environment by making sensible use of 3D printing materials and processes.

Would you like to know more about our approach or be part of it? Then follow us on our social media or book an appointment with us.

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For us everything revolves around customisation. We believe in delivering solutions that seamlessly match your unique needs and vision.


Personal Contact

Short, fast and reliable. Everyone knows where they stand and what the state of affairs are. Clarity ensures quality.


Great expertise

14 years of combined experience in Additive and Design sector. We are always learning so that we can to take all knowledge off your hands.



Transparency is something we believe in. We believe that honesty and determining matters in advance always pays off. You always know where you stand.


Attention to detail

Every detail is an opportunity to improve a service or a product. Whether this is an improvement in a production process or a hook on a coat rack. We do everything we can to deliver you the highest quality.



We believe in the power of collaboration. That is why we are always looking for opportunities and collaborations to create a better tomorrow.

Our Story

Retrix Manufacturing once started as a service with which we wanted to support the class car industry with the reproduction of parts. A great idea that we also benefited from in our private lives.

Soon we discovered that production is labour intensive and creating a design takes a lot of time. We wanted to speed up this process and make it cheaper with 3D scanning.

It quickly became apparent that there was actually not enough visibility and demand for a small company like us. After renting out and working hard in the industry we noticed that there is more to it.

3D Printing has a few major disadvantages that emerge in every area, costs and accessibility (convenience). Now just over a quarter of a year later, we are gathering a team to solve this problem.

Our 3D printing, scanning and design services remain available to private and business customers and we will continue to do so. The nature of this company is 3D printing and we will continue to do so.

On to a future where limitation is our thought.

Retrix kantoor sfeer foto

Data Analyst

Rick Versnel

Data analist


Tom Bartelds

3D specialist and developer

Social Media / Marketing Manager 

Manon Posthumus


Creative Advisor

Etienne Wilson

Specialist in video en sociale media



Do you want to gain experience and help within our great team?

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Meet The Team

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